I brought the grading on myself; I’m not even complaining about that. And worrying over sick cats is a pretty standard part of my life (sorry to say). But there’s more:

My “losing streak” continues. I washed an earring down a shower drain at the gym yesterday. Two libraries are getting unhappy about books I had from ILL. I’m fairly sure I returned them weeks ago (I remember reading one at the gym to prepare to return it, as it wouldn’t renew), but I can’t find either the receipts for them or the books themselves, and I’ve been very good about collecting receipts this year. I may have had some “brilliant” idea about a safe place to stash them, which is so safe that I can’t find it. I don’t think I’ve ever lost a book. I’m more a hoarder of books than a loser of them. I will have to ask the libraries to do a search, but I’m not very hopeful here. I’ve combed my study, my office, and my car.

And last night I got rear-ended while stopped at a stoplight on an icy road. No visible damage to the car, but I’ll have to get it checked out. My neck hurts, but not so much that I’m really worried; it hurts no more than in a collision that was my fault a few years back.

It could be worse. A lot worse. It’s really all small stuff that isn’t worth sweating; if I refrained from writing this post, I might not even remember all this in a year, even in a few months. But I’m feeling sorry for myself.

OK, back to grading. Condolences to anyone else in grading jail. Should we send secret messages and stage a prison revolt?


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