The Shakespearean Heroine has recovered very well from her lumpectomy. These tumors are 90% malignant in cats; hers was in the 10% of pre-cancerous. She’s bright-eyed and always hopeful of extra food, these days.

But now the Scot is sick. It looks like we’re going to have two cats on chemotherapy, if the biopsy agrees with the initial findings. That is, the cancer is certain; the question is whether it’s the more treatable sort or the very-bad-news sort. The treatable sort can go into remission for years, and of course that’s what we hope for. The Scot is my favorite cat; I’m really not ready to give him up. Although he’s not a traditional alpha-cat type, his calm, mellow, affectionate personality strongly influences the other cats in this multi-cat household. He’s made friends with everybody, including the Heroine (who just vanted to be alone, when we got her) and Basement Cat.

So, please join me in waving the Scottish flag, so to speak, and rooting for my ginger guy.


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