This must be some sort of record. Discovery occurred on Saturday. I researched the $#!? out of it on Sunday. Checked some things and wrote an abstract yesterday. Fiddled with the abstract and sent it this morning.

This afternoon I got a response: “Love it! Yes, please!”

So I’ll be going to that conference. Right after the R&R and the Next Thing, I can start checking details, ordering up documents (ooh, transcription!), making further connections, teasing out implications, and struggling with writing the paper that right now seems like it will write itself.

Grading, yeah, final exams, right, no problem, sure, they’ll get done.


4 thoughts on “That was fast

  1. Yes! It seems like my reward for turning my back on the project I felt wasn't my real work. This one is not only my real line of country, it has a certain connection to the book project.

  2. Woo-hoo!Btw, I'm dying to know what the discovery is or what conference you're presenting at. If you want to reveal it to me, e-mail me off-blog at drvirago2 [at] gmail [dot] com or else at my uni e-mail.

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