(or rather four, one repeated), to write me down a cynic.

I thought the original video about grad school in the humanities was too true to be really funny.

And the kinder, gentler version is boring. Not funny. Possibly useful for aspiring students, or for profs who would rather say “go watch this video” instead of having either conversation.

I’m not nice enough to keep my mouth shut altogether, but I can at least not snark in other people’s comments. But, people . . . I’m grading over here. If I’m going to use my rather slow internet connection to load videos, I want them to be funny.

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  1. Grading makes me very grumpy. I was disproportionately disappointed because it took 20 minutes to load the video (I told you it's a slow connection) & my anticipation of some delicious break kept building. I do think it could be useful for students: someone says brightly, "I want to go to grad school!" and you say, "OK, watch this & then we'll talk." Grading isn't over yet, but it will be in a couple of days, & then I can work on my R&R until the next batch of papers comes in, a week from today. So for the moment I'm less-grumpy.

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