I had two coffees today. I mean Saturday, yesterday. Both should have been decaf. I think one was full-lead. So here I am, wide awake in the middle of the night. And what am I doing with my time? That’s right: grading. The students are right. We’re always on the job. We have no lives. Outside of class, we live in our offices, and the janitors unplug us at night and plug us back in when they arrive in the morning. Or maybe we plug ourselves in to recharge at night, since now that we’re doing more with less, there are fewer janitors to look after us. Somebody forgot to unplug me tonight, so I just keep writing my favorite comments about funnel introductions (they out-Herod Herod), the importance of fragment numbers when citing the Canterbury Tales, and seeing #4 on the assignment sheet (recipe for a good thesis statement in a close reading).

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