It’s not just titles that cause trouble, but my name itself. At least in these parts. “Hull” will stand in nicely for my real name, as both are common-enough English surnames, from English place-names. I never have this problem in the British Isles, despite my American accent and the variety of regional accents there; from Cork to York, Edinburgh to Exeter, on the phone, in person, my name is immediately understood and correctly spelled.

In the U.S., however, from coast to coast, conversations go something like this:

“Your last name?”
“No, Hull.”
“Spell that, please.”
“Aitch, Yew, Ell . . . “
“Aitch, Yew, Oh . . .”
“No, Ell, as in Lightbulb.”
“Oh, Hull!”

What the Hull is so hard about my name?

4 thoughts on “Another rant

  1. Hahaha! I have that problem too. Whenever I give my name it goes, Aich, Yew, L as in lemon, Ell. I don't have the problem everywhere in the country though– in one state someone billboard prominent has the same spelling so in that state I can just go, "Aich, Yew, Ell, Ell"

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