• I have managed to keep myself amused through part of a batch of papers by pasting the finished page of comments into wordle and seeing what they look like. Sometimes it is instructive to compare one page with the previous one, or to get a sense of whether the right words will jump out at the student. But I think I’m going to have to stop doing this and just get on with it.
  • Having reading glasses certainly makes it easier to do close work.
  • They are the new glasses. The old ones seem well and truly gone. Along with my lovely case. Sniff.
  • I have not yet picked green tomatoes. I have many many things to do that more urgently need doing.
  • I have ordered blinds from a local place that will install them. One less thing to do myself.
  • Basement Cat is a breathing obsidian paperweight on my desk.
  • I have ordered another pair of footwear as a Grading Bribe. Unfortunately, after the last experience of having to return the bribe and yet still having to finish the grading, I am feeling a bit cynical (or do I mean righteous?), and the prospect of a Grading Bribe is not having so stimulating an effect as I might wish. It may be necessary to visit the chocolate aisle at Trader Joe’s to provide more immediate rewards.
  • But that would also require longer sessions at the gym, and I have many many things to do . . . .

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