• Glasses have not reappeared. I ordered new ones. If that makes the old ones reappear, then there will be one pair for work and one for home.
  • I don’t like the colors currently available in similar glasses cases. Le sigh, le pout.
  • 3 sets of papers to grade. Le waaaaah.
  • I have lots of green tomatoes refusing to ripen. Cooking mince pie filling is no doubt in my future. Maybe it would be a good break from grading. Maybe if I took mince pies to school, people wouldn’t notice they didn’t have their papers back yet.
  • The Rebelletriste’s Twain seriously freaked out Basement Cat. Poofy tail, spinal horripilation, nervous retreat up the stairs. Never mind squirt bottles, I want me a baby to threaten that cat with when he’s bad.
  • I think I want top-down/bottom-up honeycomb blinds on some of our windows, preferably cord-free ones, because of the cats. Does anybody have experience installing them? Wot’s it loike?

4 thoughts on “RBOC

  1. On this last point — we installed Hunter Douglass (I think) blinds after one of our cats chewed through every single cord in the old blinds. We got the extra insulating honey-comb kind (hard to tell scientifically how much difference the insulation made, since we also got new windows — but wow, what a difference the combo has made!). The company we ordered them from did the measuring, and D and I did the installing, which made me nervous in anticipation but which was actually very easy to do.

  2. Hi there – I measured for and installed the honeycomb blinds myself a few years ago. Some observations (mine came from next day blinds).1. Installation was generally easy. Cordless drill, some time, blinds snapped in just as the instructions said. 2. Instructions said never leave said blinds down for more than 24 hours at a time, apparently it wears out the nifty mechanism that helps them retract. I have never tested this claim.3. Blinds in largest window (which happens to be the only double-hung standard window with them) generally do not extend to the bottom of the window. One can pull them all the way down, but they bounce back up 5-6 inches. After three years I can get them to go all the way, but only after they've been 3/4 closed for a few hours.4. Blinds in shorter windows do not have this problem.5. Cats seem uninterested in the blinds, whether they are up or down.

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