If you’re going password-protected, will you invite me? My e-mail address is in the sidebar.

Muchas gracias.

3 thoughts on “Hola, Profacero!

  1. Yes, but I have to figure out how it works. What happened: while logged into my blog, thinking I was logged into my course blog, I commented on a student course blog, and there is no erase function, so the comment is there and it leads right to Professor Zero. I'm taking the opportunity to clean up my other blog under Z, sptc.wordpress.com, which is more boring but better for research, and to post notes for my novel on PZ, so PZ is going to be boring until the semester is over and that student blog gets quiet, or the comment gets old and the link isn't followed. In the meantime I'll figure out how to put you on as readers. 🙂

  2. Thanks! And while I'm sorry to hear about the course blog/Zero blog confusion, I'm glad there wasn't some sudden awful surge in nasty comments or an admin-type thing that made you go private.

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