And a tip of the hat to What Now for that motivational phrase!

I’ve been sleeping very badly lately (worse than usual), I think because of my schedule this term, which requires one day with a late night and another with an early start. These days are 3-4 days apart, so I’m always trying to adjust one way or the other, and that sucks quite a lot. So I’ve been dragging this weekend, and feeling very unmotivated, and with a headache to boot.

But two hours ago I decided I really had to suck less, and so in that time I have graded 5 short papers and written 458 new words that I realized the latest draft of the Current Project requires. The words suck, too; I will have to revise them and supply references and figure out Who Said That. They are, however, written, so that is a step in the right direction. In a perfect world I would have graded all of the papers in the last three days, or at least one section’s worth; but in a perfect world, I would sleep like a baby* and not have headaches. So I think my next task is to get to the gym.

*Oh, wait. I think I do that already. I sleep for a few hours, and then I wake up hot, thirsty, and often hungry as well; or at least in need of a snack so I can take more ibuprofen without ruining my stomach. I only don’t cry because I can get up and take care of myself. But it would be great if I could sleep through the night like a big person.

3 thoughts on “Sucking less

  1. Congrats on sucking less — the beauty of setting this as the bar is that one doesn't have to worry about the perfect world; all that matters is that one is just a little bit less sucky than one was before!

  2. Various Research Studies (VRS) show that waking at the same time every day, and going to bed at the same time every day, are part of Good Sleep Hygiene (GSH). My own anecdata suggest that the former is more important than the latter. Point being, set a schedule that works for every day, and stick to that, and you will, within 2-3 weeks, feel less tired overall, no matter how many hours you actually sleep. And exercise will improve your sleep quality. And crossword puzzles are a great way to get tired/sleepy or to occupy one's mind without obsessing on some work bullshit.[End anecdat]Also, I'm always happy to read/edit. though of course I know nothing about your subject area.

  3. Narya, I know all that. I've had a sleep disorder for years, and I am an exercise addict. The point is, my professional obligations this term require this schedule, which does not allow a fixed bedtime/rising time, and teaching at night gets me (and most people I know who do it) wired, so that it is usually some hours after class is over before we can even think about bed.

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