Writing on Monday and Tuesday this week was all new words; hence the grinding. But that saw me through a section, so yesterday I was able to move 1300 words in from another document and get the current draft of the Current Project slightly over 6000 words. It’s a good thing I got to that point, too, because yesterday was a highly social day: after breakfast with a couple of friends, I spent the afternoon with the lovely and talented Rebelletriste and her charming twain. They are very happy babies, and they don’t bite nearly as hard as Basement Cat (fewer teeth, which is to say none). The resident orange tabby is a lovable beast, too. I hope I didn’t outstay my welcome, but the babies and their mom all seemed happy (or just have lovely manners), and I know I was enjoying myself.

So now I have to figure out what today’s writing task is—probably more grinding out of new prose—and either write out assignments for the undergrads or devise the grads’ syllabus. I got the undergraduate syllabi off my plate yesterday, no thanks to the Syllabus Fairy. Or, who knows, maybe she did help, because in the end the whole thing seemed to go more easily than I expected it to. OTOH, anything seems easy compared to the current state of scholarly prose production. I really do understand why some writers take to the bottle.

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