The Scot got the day rolling by beginning to puke on the bed at 6:30; with my assistance, he hit the floor before actually getting anything up. Worse than that, though, it appears to be time for the Shakespearean Heroine’s annual attack of gastritis. By 9:30 this morning, I had cleaned up four lots of vomit (from two different cats) and assorted other effluvia, and done two loads of laundry. I have been thinking for awhile that I would like a new yoga mat, but now I really want that new mat. As in, before tomorrow morning. And I just realized that I need to change my shirt. Excuse me a minute.

I wanted to start the first Monday in August with a calm, deliberate approach to my work, and now I’m off-schedule already and feeling rattled. For the mommy bloggers, this would be pretty much a normal day. The academic mommies would go on to send in a couple of grant proposals or polish off an R&R. What is wrong with me that a bit of puke and poop knock me off my game so fast?

In my own defense, one expects to change diapers for infants, and also can expect that job to cease in time. Cats have a reputation for cleanliness. I’m completely certain that the Heroine does not enjoy needing my help to clean up. And we are dealing here with a geriatric cat. The problems of geriatrics are always less attractive than those of babies, of whatever species.

So, I’ve held out till past 10. What is the appropriate beverage for this time of morning? Does Comrade PhysioProf advise MF Jameson’s at every hour of the day, or is there something more suitable in the pre-noon hours?

8 thoughts on “Ready for a drink at 9:30 a.m.; or, why I read mommy bloggers

  1. You could put MFJ in your coffee. I'm sorry your day started like this. These situations are the only part I don't like about having a cat.

  2. What an awful way to get your morning underway! Whatever's dark enough to pass as tea or coffee does it in my books as an academic mom. That's why Scotch is so popular!Not looking forward to going back into our offices on Tuesday since the pipe was broken on the floor above and everyone else is on vacation. I think I'll bring the bottle of Scotch with me as I weep over destroyed papers, books and electronics.

  3. Wow, Janice, I'm sorry to hear that! Work is supposed to be the place where you don't have to clean up. I'll take the cat mess over destroyed books and electronics. So, stiff upper lip here . . . and I'll soon be able to leave with the Heroine for the vet. I hope they'll be able to make her feel better.

  4. Champagne is always nice, especially if it's good champagne, and especially especially if it's accompanied by chocolates from the Belgian Chocolatier (Evanston, IL; they do mail order).

  5. Oh no! That sounds horrid! Hope that things have calmed down by now. And hope he's feeling better.But yeah, I can relate to being completely knocked off my game by 9:30 in the morning and then having to go do something anyway. It's freakin' brutal, frankly. :)I hope you got your new yoga mat!!

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