Otherwise known as the underwear fashion report.

If you are wearing a short skirt, be very careful how you sit. If you don’t believe me, sit down in front of a three-way mirror sometime, and try different postures.

Fishnet stockings are for evening wear. (So are velvet and satin garments.)

But the stockings with tiny bouquets, worn with a rather severe dress, that worked.

Under a clingy jersey dress, most of us need at least a slip, if not Spanx. Even if you’re thin, underwear can create unsightly bulges.

Here, of course, we’re back to the travel problems. Non-clingy, crisp fabrics can be far more flattering to many of us, but they tend to be heavy and prone to wrinkle. Jersey knits are lightweight and don’t wrinkle. I remember girdles (not quite old enough to have worn one, but I recall my mother getting in and out of them) and I wouldn’t wish one on any woman. And it’s not so easy to find a suitable slip, actually. So I’m not sure what to advise . . . maybe just to be prepared for critical old bags like me, who are probably just jealous crones.

Safari suit and black pointed hat, here I come.

One thought on “I see London

  1. just to join the bandwagon:as a young fairly skinny (but flabby-skinny if that makes sense) gal who lived at a summer conference in dresses made of "slinky" jersey – I just have to chime in that a half slip and the right cut of dress makes all the difference – for regardless of material – none of mine were particularly clingy – and a slip was enough to keep them looking perfectly acceptable.However I am also the only girl my age (late 20s) I know who still owns and wears slips. I have yet to figure out how this is possible, because hello? Light colors? your undies show through if not, and besides, who wants their dress stuck to them in the heat – thats the job of your slip! lol! So I vote we bring back the slip! Last time I had to go look for a slip when I visited my parents and forgot mine, even the woman my mother's age working in the underwear department gave me a really odd look at my commenting that I "HAD" to have a slip so I could go to church the next morning… But I guess they really aren't getting bought, and thus why they are so hard to find. (From experience having to find ones on quick notice because of tending to forget them – I have determined that Target's are nicer than most department store brands – so go to Target everyone if you need a slip!)

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