I’ve been buried in grading and Kalamazoo paper for days, with occasional forays into the interwebs for consolation. I completely understand, after the recent kerfuffle, why the Bittersweet Girl would go to a password-protected blog. But if there was a moment to request the password, I missed it. BG, is it too late? Send me an e-mail? Bon voyage!

9 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. I can't get on there, either. What happened? Usually she just protects the post…but why the whole blog? I'm worried!

  2. Dame — Thanks for your concern. I've just taken my blog — temporarily, I hope — off public view because a couple of bloggers have gone on the attack against me and their readers were leaving nasty comments and the whole thing was just very upsetting and I thought, I've got enough crap to deal with in RL right now … I hope to return once things settle down!

  3. Just chiming in to add my support to Bittersweet Girl. You don't deserve the drubbing that some holier than thou bloggers were bringing.

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