You know how when you put something off it becomes harder and harder to do, even if it’s a little piddly thing that will take 5 minutes or a medium-piddly thing* that will take an hour?

I’ve been working through a batch of those this week. I hoped that as I started knocking them off, it would get easier to do the remaining ones, as the total guilt load diminished.

Not so much. It appears that a Thing is a Thing Unto Itself, whether or not it has company.

*not to be confused with cat-things, though some of them are piddly, too. We hope antibiotics will take care of that.

One thought on “Guilt-Things

  1. Oh, I have such a long list of those things, mostly to do with work. My problem is that every time I steel myself to deal with one of them, somehow I get another one to add to the list almost immediately, so the list never actually gets any shorter. Sigh.

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