Conference paper: finally got it to lie down, roll over, sit up, etc., on command. That is, it is no longer being recalcitrant. It is done, and I think it is good. Of course, I still fear that someone senior here will attack it, but at the same time I feel confident about what I’m saying. All the grappling with the evidence and the argument has got me to an interestingly nuanced view.

Grading: finished all the undergraduate papers before I departed (whew!) and left them with a colleague to return next week. Quizzes will have to wait till I’m back.

Taxes: numbers figured out, including expenses for business travel; but when I get back I will still have to fill in the forms in ink & check numbers, download & print one last form, copy & mail everything. I get back midday on the 15th. No problem!

Jet lag: not too bad. It helped that I was so exhausted before I even left: all I wanted was to lie down, in some time zone, any time zone. (But last night I went to bed, then had a final inspiration about my paper, so got up and polished it off; woke up early this morning anyway. Hello, tea!)

Current weather: foggy! I love fog. Mornings are supposed to have fog. (Despite the time stamp, it’s a normal getting-up time of morning where I am.)

Conference itself: Exciting. Ideas flowing. A real community of people who care about the same things I do. Totally inspirational. I wish I could get straight to Real Work when I get back, instead of taxes, quizzes, more grading, etc. But at least this year, my final grades will be in before Kalamazoo (not sure that has ever happened before), so K’zoo can be my inspiring, I’m-going-straight-to-my-desk-for-the-summer conference.

(How long will it take to get the K’zoo paper to learn its tricks? And why do I think of writing in this dog-training metaphor?)

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  1. You're a model of efficiency. I still have taxes to do and a conference paper to write. I like that dog training analogy.

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