By making a strict schedule for the past four days, and keeping to it as well as I could, I have managed to achieve the following: responded to someone else’s writing sample, graded 4 revision papers, written detailed instructions for a graduate assignment, written detailed reading questions for the undergrads on a very dense text (after reading it myself), renewed books, written about 1600 free-writing words towards my conference paper, added 500 new words to a more organized paper draft, and sent that half-a-paper to a friendly reader. And read over a hundred pages of Malory, who gives me my title.

I also managed to do yoga and go to the gym every day. And order a pair of shoes, which I need for an upcoming trip.

But I don’t want to think about the things I have not finished, which comprise an extensive list. The schedule will have to be at least as strict, and adherence improved, for the next ten days.

And it’s not as if I’ll be able to keep my bed after that. There’s more than one Exploding Head Month in the year.