What I feel like doing is a massive spring cleaning. I’d like to de-clutter this house as if we were going to move, and do a bit more painting and updating, and then not move but just enjoy the cleared-out space.

I feel like doing this because I need to do a batch of grading before the next batch comes in, put together a research presentation for my colleagues on Tuesday, work on a conference paper that I’ll be giving all too soon (no, not Kalamazoo, sooner than that, but then there will be the Kalamazoo paper to write), read and comment on a friend’s draft work, read and comment on something for my writing group, do some organizational stuff for Kalamazoo, arrange some long-distance travel, refresh my memory on what I’m teaching tomorrow . . . and I have a feeling there were some other things, too, but those are the ones at the front of my mind. Oh, and do the taxes.

By the time I get all that done . . . who am I kidding, most of the house stuff won’t happen until after the term is over, anyway. But by the time the term is over, I know the household work is going to seem much less urgent. I wish I could delegate it to someone. Do you think Basement Cat would be good at bossing contractors around? The Shakespearean Heroine could bawl them out (if she could be bothered to wake up) if necessary. Listen, you cats, you need to start earning your keep.

Hmph. Basement Cat’s response to this is to get on my lap and settle in. I think it’s a signal that I should stay put and do some of the reading, grading, and so on. Well, it is useful to have a lap weight, so I guess B.C. gets dinner tonight. Now, the rest of you . . . .

One thought on “Spring tasks

  1. I totally understand! I'm in a perpetual state of desire to spring clean, which I find amusing considering I haven't even finished unpacking since I moved here in August, which it seems ridiculous to really unpack because as soon as the SB gets home, we need to move to someplace bigger; however, I should still clean and purge so that there's less to move. I brought so much junk with me (and there's still so much left in Home City, ugh) that I'm weeding through stuff that I never should have moved!

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