I’ve cheated a bit on the first-sentence-of-the-month meme; in some cases, I’ve extracted a sentence that sums up the essence of the post, or altered punctuation. This is, however, my year according to the first post of the month. I’m planning a more thoughtful review of the year, as well, and a wish list for 2010.

January: Following Profgrrrrl, I’m picking a theme for this year rather than making resolutions: (Re)creation.

February: “Does that make us Satanists, if Basement Cat lives upstairs in our house?”

March: To show compassion is to take the high ground.

April: I used to be pleased at how much I’d changed since high school.

May: I spent yesterday evening in the company of Leonard Cohen and a couple thousand other fans.

June: So I’m supposed to be going to England in about a month, or maybe less, yet I still have not booked a flight.

July: I’m in my fourth library in a week. If this is Monday, it must be Cambridge.

August: So I recently read The Mysterious Benedict Society, which was good fun, and I’d recommend it if you like kid lit.

September: Like most of you, I’m suddenly plunged deep into the whirlpool of the semester (79 students and a whackload of committee work), so I don’t have much in the way of personal musings or cute cat stories (hard to have cute cat stories when you’re not home to observe the beasts).

October: Bloody Blackboard.

November: Well, yes, I do have ideas for more interesting posts, but no time to write them.

December: One evening, as I rambled / Among the trees and vines, /I overheard a young woman / Converse with Bradwardine.