Thirty-five more papers to grade. Some symptoms have eased up, but my voice is totally gone, and periodically I cough so hard I think my eyes will pop out. I’m feeling very nostalgic for the cold a year ago that I was able to nurse with Six Feet Under episodes.

On to the papers. You may wish to start a pool on how long it takes for me to move from the hot-lemonade mix to straight whisky.

3 thoughts on “Ugh

  1. I say go to the whisky now. No use wasting it by diluting it with lemon and hot water. And it will make the grading pass more quickly, I hope!

  2. 16 down, 19 to go, and I'm still on lemonade +, partly because the coughing is so bad that I really need the honey and lemon. But don't worry, Kendra, I use cheap blended whisky for medicinal purposes; no point in wasting the good Scotch on such barbarous mixtures.

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