What is missing from the following sequence, and at what point should it be inserted?

“Just a few more pages . . . I’m almost done . . . this is the last paragraph . . . I’m really finishing . . . and finally . . . I’m sorry to have talked for so long.”

[Update:] Quizzes are graded. Moria and Medieval Woman both get A’s, with extra points to Moria for suggesting the guillotine.

Now, what do you think is worse than one person in a session doing this?

How about all three of them going 10 or more minutes over? Yes, the session before mine yesterday ran 20 minutes past its allotted time for papers alone. Forget questions. Forget time to set up the equipment for my session.

I should add that the line-up was not as scheduled on the programme posted online. Two people from this session withdrew and were replaced rather late in the game. Surely, though, not too late to time their papers?

3 thoughts on “Conference quiz

  1. A gavel and / or guillotine, wielded by the panel chair. To be used somewhere in the middle of the first of those phrases.

  2. A swift kick to the noggin' right in the first ellipses – but was it a good conference?? I was supposed to go and present but had ZERO summer funding and no way to get there without bankrupting myself! Perhaps we would have been on the same panel again?

  3. argh. Drives me crazy when that happens. Apparently, not everyone times their papers. I did hear someone at Leeds complaining that zie'd cut from 30 to 20 pges, and it just didn't seem to have been enough. Argh.

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