I think it’s taken 15 hours. Maybe more. And now that it’s done, I think most of my clues are pretty lame (either too easy or too obscure), and some of the Middle English is seriously tortured (because BD has way too many significant names with awkward letters like U and C), and there are too many answers that don’t really have anything to do with either ME or BD, because when you’re trying to fill a grid with words like those already alluded to, you can’t get too picky about what goes in the background, so to speak.

But it is done! And I’m hoping for some help from my Gentle Readers: who’d like to do some beta testing and skip a day’s class prep? E-mail me, and I’ll send you the puzzle, and you can send corrections / comments / suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Puzzle complete

  1. sadly, I lack both the time and the vocab to be a useful beta tester for you in this case. But I would LOVE to see the finished product, if you care to post it? I can vouch for the entire Middle English Reading Group of Sydney Uni – we’re all the ginormous nerds who’d adore such a thing :D.

  2. I was gonna ask if I could test it out for you, before you asked! Sign me (or, rather, my students) up. Woo hoo!

  3. OK! Highly Eccentric, the thing about e-mail (as in the comments to the previous post) is that I want to be able to put on my annual docs that I devised this thing used at X universities world-wide, & if I just post the puzzle I can't tell how many people are using it. But I don't mind pseudonymous e-mails; or maybe you could get someone else in the ME Reading Group to get in touch if you need to protect your identity.

  4. I’m in Highly Eccentric’s group, having no idea she even read this blog. Unless I learned about it from her. More likely from “Humanities Researcher”. Anywho, please email it to me: lawrence dot warner atsign gmail dot com will do!

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