I decided to embrace the idea of a second adolescence, suggested by Meg in a comment to my last post. It made for a good weekend (especially since I don’t have to worry about getting carded any longer). Friday night I drank too much. Saturday I got my face painted, and then went to my favorite second-hand CD store and acquired some stuff I used to listen to, but had more-or-less forgotten about. I also visited the bead store that reminds me of the one where I spent a lot of time about 32 years ago. Face paint made young men want to talk to me; one complained about his father’s reaction to his mohawk. Had I only realized that 30 years ago . . . oh well. Too soon old, too late smart. I spent a lot of my original adolescence in my room, reading, rather than attracting the attention of misunderstood young men.

Now that we mention it, not much has changed.