I’ve noted before the way personal loss has led to the loss of mental acuity. After a few weeks, I improved markedly, and research in the Undisclosed Location helped. All the same, I’m still dealing with it.

Exhibit A: I spent awhile this morning looking for a copy of an article that my master list says I own. I turned up a whole stash of related articles (and why were they where I found them and not where they belong?), but not the one I wanted. Am not sure where to look next.

Exhibit B: I also spent awhile flipping through Chaucer and the Subject of History baffled as to why its contents were not those of Negotiating the Past. Obviously I eventually figured out that I had the wrong book, but for about 15 minutes I was very confused.

Soon I will be e-mailing myself with questions whose answers are on the syllabus.