Today is the fifteenth day of the Forty Days Writing Challenge. Word count: 12,221. I skipped one day entirely; did less than 1000 on two other days; but today I got up to 1450 and felt reluctant to quit.

That sounds like I’m on a roll. Actually, I’m quite ready to stop the project I was working on (more ME/AN lists). Other possible activities, however, have limited appeal. It’s cold and snowy outside, so I don’t so much want to go out (though I have to get cat food today). Some of the closets really, really, in actual non-procrastinatory fact, do need cleaning, but if the choice is cleaning, I’d really rather write. Or edit something. At the moment, I’m waiting for the plumber, anyway. Sir John is at Midwest Theory Day*, so no distractions from him. I guess the overdue essay will get some attention.

* Why am I not there? It’s not what my usual readers are likely to think. No, really, other disciplines have theories, too. This meeting, however, always makes me start saying, “It’s flat because the giants trampled it down! No, it’s flat because the glaciers receded! It’s so big because it got stretched out flat by the giants!” And then Sir John rolls his eyes and says “Nyuk nyuk nyuk,” and I give up trying to theorize the Midwest.