Because one of our cats has had some bladder problems, the vet said he should eat wet food, not kibble, and suggested various specialty foods that would be good for what ailed him.

Of course, he didn’t like any of them and wanted to continue to eat kibble.

The vet then said any wet food would be better than kibble.

This is our most outgoing cat, and the biggest show-off. I noticed that he took some interest in the wet food our tabbies eat, sniffing their bowls and sometimes their mouths after they had eaten. So I started offering Mr. Picky “big cat food,” at the same time as the big tabbies get theirs. It worked—especially after the big cats took an interest in Mr. Picky’s bowl. Popular with other cats? OK, he’ll eat it.

Sir John said he never would have thought of this solution. Of course not. He himself is impervious to peer pressure and “all the other cats do it” arguments. I understand that sometimes you just want to fit in with the group.

I swear being a cat parent is more like being a kid parent all the time. At least the Tiny Girl has stopped wetting the bed.

Because we took her bed away.

Imagine the therapy bills if we had kids.

One thought on “Feline peer pressure

  1. I totally relate to this post. My own pointy-eared one is needs a refresher course in potty training. Oh, the money I’ve spent on special potties for her (deep, long, with high sides) and the varieties of litter she’s sampled and turned up her nose at. And still, she has to pee straight up in the air, rather than downwards.

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