Medieval Woman was kind enough to give me a blogging award, though I can’t say I feel I deserve it.
I’m not sure about passing it on to others; for one thing, I don’t like to leave people out. If you’re on the blogroll, and possibly even if you’re not, I probably want to give you an award.
But, sorry, I’m just not up for all the linking today. I seem to have overshot on the recovering-from-jet-lag process, and wound up halfway to Hawaii. At least it’s not Taipei. It’s Monday afternoon, by the clock here, and I have things to do. Besides reading children’s fiction and being beat up by a tiny cat, that is. (I am never getting another kitten. Never. We’ll stick to adult cats after this.)
Report on the weekend: gym everyday, check. Farmers’ Market, check. Phone call to friend whose garden needs plants, sorta check: message left, no response. Craft project: sorta: I have started learning a new crochet pattern, dots-and-diamonds, though just in a practice square. Weeding: not done.
And the bills and banking are not done either, but they have to be the next up. I think the problem is that I don’t want to face the tally for several weeks in England. Nonetheless, Dame, it’s time to face the crumhorns and dance.