Given this post, you would think my life before I left for London was quite complicated enough, with enough things to do. But no . . . I had to go and add a new kitten to the mix.

Sir John has wanted a new baby (or two) for awhile, and I have said no no no we have enough cats! So we did not go to the shelter and deliberately pick out a kitten (or two). No. I went to the library. Or rather, I was going to go to the library, but first I stopped at DD to get coffee for the drive. As I parked, I noticed an elegant young woman in a black dress, with heels, and thought how nice she looked. Then I realized she was accessorized with a small black kitten clinging to one shoulder while she worked her cell phone. Of course I stopped to admire the kitten. I am never able to coordinate my animals and my clothes so successfully.

She asked if I knew of any animal shelters in the area. She had just found this kitten on a very busy street corner, and wanted to find somewhere to take it; she had dogs that she thought would not be kind to it.

I know my duty to catdom when it stares at me out of a tiny kitten face. I said I’d take the kitten home.

Before I left, I spent as much time with him as I could. He is tolerably healthy, but is being treated for roundworms and a bacterial infection in his tum (not that either has slowed him down any; he’s a hellion, and getting very bored in quarantine from our other cats). He is very social and good with people, so he wasn’t feral before the elegant young woman found him. But he wasn’t chipped, and I didn’t see any signs posted about a lost kitten. So he’s ours now.

He’s named, more or less, for the research project I was trying to get to the library to work on.

2 thoughts on “Before I left

  1. Cute! I love black kitties, but I’ve heard that they often don’t fare well at the shelters because of all the superstitions associated with them. So this little one is lucky your paths crossed.

  2. So cute! I have a black cat too, one of a sibling set that someone else rescued as kittens from a feral mother. Cats will come to you when it’s time, I always say.Enjoying your BL stories.

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