I feel like I should blog about the Zoo. I want to blog about the Zoo. But I am still working my way through a stack of graduate papers, unable to figure out why they are going s-o s-l-o-w-l-y. Apparently when I planned assignments so the undergraduate grading wouldn’t be too bad at the end, I missed something on the grad side.

It’s probably partly fatigue. The weekend before Kalamazoo, I was at another conference. Different papers. Neither one wanted to lie down and behave itself. I think I’m looking at my second book in this snarl, actually. That really makes me feel like powering through the first one this year, so I can get on with the next project. But anyway, all the traveling and thinking was tiring. And aside from the grading, I have one more significant administrative project to complete before I can really feel my sabbatical has started. It landed in my lap this week. Well, it really is my job, I understand that, but everyone had forgotten about it.

And I want to be done.

And I want to be able to think about some of the great papers I heard at the Zoo and about some of the stuff that happened before it all fades in the noise of grading and admin.

Maybe a random-bullets-of-Kalamazoo post. Not now. Either when the grad papers are done or when the deadline is past so I’m doing manual change-of-grade forms anyway.