I have spent a couple of years tracking what I thought was an obscure, unpublished text through the labyrinthine byways of manuscripts and their catalogs, like some dim Pellinore after the Questing Beast. And now I find it in the Percy Folio, edited and published for lo these hundred and forty years. I would feel like a prize idiot, except that the few other trackers in this forest also failed to step in these particular fewmets. Oh dear, I shouldn’t refer to the Percy Folio as fewmets. This is what happens when the untrained embark on extended metaphors. At any rate, I keep muttering to myself, “Percy Folio!” in the same tone Bugs Bunny, in “What’s Opera, Doc?” uses on “Magic helmet!”

One thought on “What’s Op-Percy, Doc?

  1. Like this? — Percy FOL-io!Hee hee! Love it! Though sorry you had to take the backroads — another metaphor! — to find the text in the Percy FOLio!

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